Parish Council and Supporters Update 6th October 2020

Covid-19 and the Continuing Limitation on Public Meetings

We trust everyone remains well and coping with the current challenges.

We continue to maintain very close contact will all our Parish, District and County Councillors and are grateful to them for their on-going help. We will continue with these monthly newsletters until such time as we can arrange a further public meeting and rely on reaction from everyone to help keep us up to date.

Please do let us know if there is anything you become aware of which would be helpful. Our general e-mail address continues to suffer an access fault so please feel free to contact me direct:

Astro Turf Site – Planning Application Reference FMW/072/19

We await the CCC’s decision but as I outlined in my last update the number of responses has been unprecedentedly high with none in favour.

Circuit Solutions have provided additional information relating to the effect of noise and vibration (which they and we believe could ruin their business) and CCC have decided to employ their own independent consultant. As a result we do not believe that this will reach the CCC Planning Committee in time for the 5th November Meeting and more likely expect it to be 17th December. CCC have confirmed to us that members of the Planning Committee will visit the site before their meeting.

We have also requested a further opportunity to meet senior officers to again raise our continuing  concerns particularly in relation to Section 73 and this has been agreed in principle with a date to be finalised shortly.

We intend to leave the remaining large banners in place until this matter is resolved.


American Golf opened the Golf Range in late September and it is fully operational. Using the latest technology it is regarded by the many who have already used it as amongst the best in the Country. The shop has also re-opened with a very good range of top quality products. An experienced operator plans to open the Restaurant on a franchised basis later this month.

As we said in our September update this facility had been missed by many in the Hemingfords and surrounding area and it is in everyone’s interest to support American Golf in this venture.

New Draft Waste and Minerals Local Plan

The Public examination took place virtually on 15th– 17thSeptember inclusive and we and our lawyers attended the proceedings throughout apart from the first morning which was wholly concerned with Minerals.

We were able to stress our concerns as follows:

  • The requirements for extensions to existing sites should be subject to the same criteria as new sites
  • We do not believe that the plan should contemplate ‘local’ sites being permitted as an adjunct to local housing developments
  • We wish to see the ‘Astro Turf Site’ omitted from the list of current sites on the basis that it does not have an environmental permit or exemption, nor has it been properly operational for some years and should not therefore be included as existing Waste Management Areas on the Policies Map which forms part of the draft plan

The Inspector was empathetic to the concerns we raised and asked those involved in the preparation of the plan to reconsider those elements.

It is expected that any revisions will be submitted to the Inspector by early November at which time there will be an opportunity for further consultation with ourselves and others.

MGL did not participate.


The bungalow does not now appear to be occupied and the Car Park has almost totally been cleared. This may be in preparation for any visit which CCC planning Committee may make in connection with the Astro Turf Site.

Sub-committee to assist with the process of preparing a detailed proposal for the Hemingford Golf Club to be granted the status of a Community Asset et seq.

This matter remains outstanding and will not be progressed until we have established a dialogue with American Golf.

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Can you help please?

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Stay Safe and Keep Well everyone.

Iain Muspratt  – The Hemingfords Action Group

6th October 2020