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Please support our campaign to stop rural West Cambridgeshire, our homes, businesses and villages becoming known as ‘waste central UK’ and being devastated as a result.


The Mick George Proposal

The Facts:

  • It will be the size of 24 football pitches and operate around the clock
  • More than 450 lorries in and out of the site every day with the threat of some coming through the villages
  • Safety concerns with lorries clogging the main road out of the village
  • Threat of hazardous waste being processed on site
  • Concrete crushing and waste wood processing will be handled in the open producing significant noise and dust pollution – light pollution from high flood lighting rigs.




The Greenfield Area To Be Dumped On  

This is the proposed site where Mick George proposes to build Cambridgeshire’s largest Waste Handling facility.

Help us by saying NO2MICKGEORGE!

Remember this may happen to you. If you have a golf course near you it is likely Cambridgeshire County Council and Mick George Limited have another plan – they may not have told you!

The Context: Minerals and Waste Local Plan www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/mwlp



Counsel's Opinion Say NO 2 Mick George in Hemingford and Cambridge

 Our Legal SubmissionsSay NO 2 Mick George in Hemingford and Cambridge

 Privacy PolicySay NO 2 Mick George in Hemingford and Cambridge




If Mick George Limited get permission, however restricted initially, the company has a history of increasing the scale of the operation - introducing more and more processes and wastes as time goes on.