Urgent - Astro Turf Site at New Farm (adjoining Hemingford Golf Club and Range) - Planning ApplicationFMW/072/19 New Farm, Hemingford Abbots

MGL have submitted additional information to support the application made last year to enormously increase the very small operation relating to Astro Turf carried out intermittently whilst the Golf Course was opened. Environment Agency required the current owner to clear the site in 2018. We (together with Hemingfords Parish Councils, Godmanchester Town Council,Huntingdonshire District Council and others) opposed this application and we do not believe that the additional information satisfactorily addresses our concerns. We also believe that were permission to be granted it would allow MGL to submit further applications to extend operations to the Golf Course and Range.
A number of you wrote yourselves to object (nobody wrote in favour) and you may wish to comment on the additional information. Full details are on the Cambridge County Council Website and can be accessed at https://planning.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/online-applications/  and typing in the Application Reference FMW/072/19. The current deadline is July 24th