Parish Council and Supporters Update 17thApril 2020


We trust everyone is well and coping with the current challenges.

During the current lock down it is important that we keep everyone up to date with developments. Whilst there are certain constraints on authorities progressing the matters with which we are concerned most can be (and are) being dealt with albeit with more constrained opportunities for public participation. We are maintaining a careful watch and are grateful to our County and District Council representatives for help in keeping us informed.

Please do let us know if there is anything you become aware of which would be helpful. Our general e-mail address has developed an access fault so please feel free to contact me :

Astro Turf Site – Planning Application Reference FMW/072/19

There have been a very large number of objections (and no supporting representations) and the target date for a decision (March 15th) has long passed. Our County Councillor has established that the CCC case officer wrote to MGL on 17thFebruary as follows:

The applicant was asked on 17th February to submit the following information and/or amend the application in response to comments from consultees:

  •         Transport statement
  •         Reduce height of stockpiles to 3 metres
  •          Extend 3 metre high fence
  •         Consider locating the soil screen in an excavated area to lower the discharge height in relation to the acoustic barrier       fence
  •         Vibration mitigation measures 
  •         Air quality assessment
  •         Surface water drainage information


As of today no reply has been received. We understand that such a response is usual, we do not believe that  amendments along these lines will be sufficient to justify approval. We are advised that any response will be subject to further consultation and we will be advised accordingly as will other consultees. In the interim  we have reminded CCC of the risk to Circuit Solution’s business and the consequent need for them to relocate at a cost of some £5.5m as detailed in Circuit Solution’s letter of 14th September 2017. CCC need to very carefully consider this as the liability would be entirely as result of approval.

In due course the decision will be taken at a meeting of CCC Planning Committee which will take place electronically. The next meetings are scheduled for May 14th, June 11th and July 30th. It is likely that these will be electronic and everyone who wishes to contribute will need to be appropriately prepared.


Following complaints from HAPC and ourselves the number of skips in the Car Park  has materially reduced to about 10 (from over 100). Any change will be rigorously challenged.

The Club House appears to be occupied from time to time.

This is in clear contravention of planning. 

New Draft Waste and Minerals Local Plan

The plan has now been submitted to HM Government and an Inspector (Mr Stephen Normington) has been appointed. The Planning Inspectorate website has been difficult to access this week but we are advised that the Public Enquiry is planned for 15-17 September 2020 at a location in Peterborough to be advised.

We have recorded a wish to make representations and we shall repeat our wish to see the Astro-Turf Site excluded and also highlight the failure of LGSS Law Ltd (acting for CCC) to adequately respond to our lawyers letter of 25th November 2019.

The public enquiry into the Waterbeach incinerator is under way Case Number 3225123. It was expected that the results would be known on March 15th but have been delayed. We have not been able to access the Inspectorate website to establish a revised date. Should the Inspector decide in favour that decision will have an impact on the draft plan.

Hemingford Golf Club Site, Astro Turf Site Activity, Golf Shop and Driving Range

As referred to earlier we continue to draw attention to the use to which both the bungalow and (although materially reduced) the Car Park are being put and the Environment Agencies failure to have the Astro-Turf site cleared following their refusal to grant an Environmental Permit. 

Abbots Events are leaving the premises at the end of this month. We have tried to contact Grayson Scott without success.

Sub-committee to assist with the process of preparing a detailed proposal for the Hemingford Golf Club to be granted the status of a Community Asset et seq.

Following preliminary meetings (which we joined) Hemingford Abbots PC submitted the draft proposals to Findlay Flett at HDC for comments over two months ago. None have been received and we have suggested that HAPC submit them formally.

We are contacting local Hunts FA personnel to present the plans to them.

Mr Derek Clifton

I would like to add our tribute to Derek who served Hemingford Grey Parish Council for 53 years and also provided unstinting support throughout our two villages. To say he was a stalwart of our community is an understatement and he is a great loss to us all.

Stay Safe and Keep Well everyone.


Iain Muspratt  – The Hemingfords Action Group

17 April 2020