HGPC Update 10 February 2020

Application Status and Use in Contravention of Planning

Astro Turf Site – Planning Application Reference FMW/072/19

The Closing date for Objections is now 12th February

HGPC and HAPC have recommended refusal. THAG have questioned if the application falls within the scope of Section 73 and drawn the attention of CCC to a range of other reasons for refusal. CCC Place and Economy have stated they cannot support the application. CCC Transport have said the application gives insufficient information. EA have asked (insipidly) for more details pointing out an Environmental Permit would be required but failing to point out one has been refused for the present site.  Highways England have said no objection.

We are aware of many other representations which are not shown on the website as of yesterday.

Messrs Circuit Solutions whose business would be ruined (they employ 55 personnel whose jobs are threatened) have written emphatically opposing the application and asking the CCC case officer to visit

We expect this to be on the CCC Planning Committee Agenda in March or (more probably April) and will ask the Chair and Vice Chair to visit – we will keep you informed and would be grateful for your attendance.



The number of skips in the Car Park remains significant but has reduced.

This is in clear contravention of planning. This has been raised with HDC but both we and HAPC await a response.



New Draft Waste and Minerals Local Plan

We submitted our response through our solicitors on 11 December. We have also registered our wish to give oral evidence at the Public Enquiry which we expect to take place between March and June.

The public enquiry into the Waterbeach incinerator is under way and it is expected that the results will be known on March 15. Should the Inspector decide in favour that decision will have an impact on the draft plan.

Hemingford Golf Club Site, Astro Turf Site Activity, Golf Shop and Driving Range

As referred to earlier we continue to draw HDC’s attention to the use to which both the bungalow and the Car Park are being put and the Environment Agencies failure to have the Astro-Turf site cleared following their refusal to grant an Environmental Permit. 

Sub-committee to assist with the process of preparing a detailed proposal for the Hemingford Golf Club to be granted the status of a Community Asset et seq

A preliminary final draft Application was discussed between HAPC Councillors, ourselves and HDC officers last week for the Conference Centre, Golf Range and Course to be granted Community Asset Status for the creation of a major games facility with a series of Astro Turf and Grass pitches with excellent spectator facilities. 

The Golf Range, Shop, Conference Centre and Restaurant was sold to Dawson Plant Hire Limited on 19thDecember. Dawson Plant Hire is controlled by a major pension trustee and Michael Eric George. It is not a subsidiary of Mick George Limited. Financing has come from Handelsbanken

Iain Muspratt  – The Hemingfords Action Group

9thFebruary 2020