Welcome to our December newsletter keeping you informed of events relating to MGL’s proposals for developing the Hemingford golf course site since Easter.


Cambridge County Council and Peterborough released the latest draft of the Waste and Minerals Plan for Consultation on 15th November and this is open until 9th January. Whilst our lawyers will be submitting a detailed submission on our behalf  the more of you that respond personally the better but before doing so please read through the whole of the newsletter - and leave comments at  www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/mwlp 

Recent significant events at or concerning the site

•  The Golf Range, Shop and Conference Centre have closed and staff have been made redundant. It is clear that MGL were involved and appear to have some control or influence over these properties which provides more space and buildings 

•  In their response to the last consultation MGL reconfirmed that they intended to apply for the Golf Club to become a Waste and Recycling Centre citing that it adjoined the Astro Turf site as some justification

•  The Environment Agency have refused to grant an Environmental Permit to the Astro Turf Site and required it to be cleared yet it remains included as a current site in the Waste and Minerals Plan. Part of the Astro Turf site adjoins the Conference Centre grounds

•  The Golf Club Car Park is being filled with MGL skips and the old Club House appears to be inhabited – all without planning permission (see picture) We and Hemingford Abbots PC have written to HDC but have to date received no response

•  A significant change in the latest draft Waste and Minerals plan is that sites must be located by Primary (‘A’) Roads. This has been changed to should – we believe ‘must’ should be reinstated

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