HGPC Update October 14 2019

Application Status

To our knowledge no application has been submitted


Redesigned and Updated Website – www.hemingfordsactiongroup.co.uk

Thanks to a huge amount of work by one of our Ambassadors - Phillip Cooke – our website has been completely redesigned and substantially updated. In future copies of our regular monthly updates to both Grey and Abbots Parish Councils will be published on this site. The site can also be easily accessed by typing ‘SayNo2MickGeorge’ in any search engine


New Draft Waste and Minerals Local Plan

The final draft is to be discussed at CCC Economy and Environment Committee Meeting on October 17th. The Plan and Appendices are available on the CCC Website –and will are also be available to download from our new website later this week

When the new plan is considered at this week’s meeting it will be subject to further delegated amendment and then be made available for General Consultation between November 2020 and January 2020. However any representations then made will be considered by Government Inspector who, it is envisaged, will hold a Public Enquiry in 2020 with the intention of publishing the final approved plan in late 2020

We will examine this latest document with great care and make our concerns known after appropriate legal advice





Hemingford Golf Club Site, Astro Turf Site Activity, Golf Shop and Driving Range

Staf at The Golf Shop and Driving Range Staff have now been made redundant and both facilities closed on 30th September. It is our understanding that these properties have been purchased by Mick George Limited. We also have been led to believe that the operator of the Restaurant and Conference Centre has been given notice to quit by next Spring and that property has also been purchased by Mick George Limited

In September we wrote to Andy Moffat at HDC to ask why the Golf Club Site is being used for purposes not permitted under present planning permissions. We have also asked if HDC have been involved in pre-application discussions in respect of any part of the site. As of today we have received no reply and will take the matter up with District Councillors.

Sub-committee to assist with the process of preparing a detailed proposal for the Hemingford Golf Club to be granted the status of a Community Asset et seq

We continue to analyse the returned survey forms and have invited two specialist firms to quote for the preparation of outline plans.The quotations have been received and are being considered.


There is a tendency to assume the problem will go away. We do not believe that to be the case. We know there are presumptions that there will eventually be a housing development but as this is not included in what is now HDC’s current and approved plan ‘housing’ will not be considered until 2030 and so far as we can tell MGL appear determined to press ahead with their application for the recycling plant.


Iain Muspratt – The Hemingfords Action Group

13th October 2019